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Solidarity my brother! Matt Long J Slowly but surely ten years ago NONE of this seemed likely and look where are. We spend so much energy trying to think who knows and who doesn’t who cares and who doesn’t that it makes life difficult beyond the difficulties that heterosexuals also have It wasn’t that long ago that I came to the conclusion that I was not going to do that any more and I tell it like it is If I stumble on others’ sensitivities – well that’s more their problem than mine You know the line from La Cage? My life’s not worth a damn til I can shout out – I am what I am” Will you marry? James I can’t believe you couldn’t approach the immigration desk together Such a little thing but then not really! It’s great to see America making progress on this issue – I only wish Australia would get its act together too. There is still a lot of work to do of course Many states do not recognize gay and that needs to change But in a country where 13 of the states (plus Washington DC) DO recognize it where the military recognizes it and now the Federal government recognizes it these states don’t stand a chance All they’re doing is putting off the inevitable as our long painful struggle for simple recognition as human beings is realized So yes I am happy I’m thrilled actually but mindful of the fact that many have made great sacrifices in order for this day to become a reality and that is something I hope none of us ever take for granted Now who wants to buy me wedding presents?

On 25 April 2012 Buonaiuto's short film was released encouraging support for the government plans to legislate in favour of equal civil rights for LGBT people The video shows British army members returning home to their families with one reunion turning into a proposal between a same-sex couple The argument put forth in the video and by Buonaiuto directly is that if gay and straight people can fight in the army together then they should be able to love and get married the same Supporting parties gave their backing to the short film while PinkNews advertised it directly on their website.[10][11] The full advertisement reached 500,000 views in less than. Conor Marron co-founder of the Coalition for Equal released a statement thanking Nick Clegg and the MPs "who have voiced their position on the subject".[7] Sponsors[edit] The Coalition for Equal is sponsored by many organisations including LGBT organisations anti-bullying groups charities political parties human rights groups and activists religions and religious groups community groups and also media companies. I’m happy for you guys and the whole community but there is still much work left to be done Certainly a step in the right direction. Hi Matt! I feel so happy for you Americans You couldn’t express your feelings better (as usual by the way) I also cried and got emotioned when equal was legalized here in Spain I was expectant watching political forces vote…so I understand what you mean my partner and I got married 7 years ago but we’ve been together for 13 years Now we feel we finally live in a civilized country even though still there are people who don’t like it (catholic church and the like) But the law is on our side Kisses and hugs and congratulations again! The Coalition for Equal Marriage is a British campaign group created in 2012 by Conor Marron and James Lattimore a same-sex couple to petition in support of civil marriages for gay couples.[1] The Coalition for Equal Marriage was created in response to the Coalition for Marriage a Christian[2] group campaigning against same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom.[1][3] Upon hearing the news this morning I cried a deep and soulful cry the kind that comes from the bottom of your heart I felt lighter I felt better as a lot of that fear was shed off almost instantly I didn’t even know I had something that needed discarding not until it sloughed off like a discarded blanket It may sound silly but to have so many people and now my government telling me that I am worthy of the same rights and privileges as heterosexuals is extraordinary. “i’M thrilled actually but mindful of the fact that many have made great sacrifices in order for this day to become a reality and that is something I hope none of us ever take for granted.” Actually I hope it is taken for granted…eventually Not yet no but in 50 years time the right of two people of the same gender to get married should be just as unremarkable as the right of two people of different ethnicities to get married is now but this was not the case 50 years ago I’m not a US citizen but I too was very happy to hear this news It’s interesting how despite several other countries having full (and others still getting it very recently; Uruguay France) the world looks expectantly to the United States whenever progress is made in this area even though it’s still relatively backward by some standards Anyway hooray! Thanks and you’re right it takes us a little longer sometimes to do what’s right. Well put and thanks for sharing! And I’m not sure if we will or not to be honest Reply Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

I was on Twitter when I saw the news about DOMA and it made me very happy for everyone in America – and I say this as a heterosexual Canadian Speaking from my own experience legalizing gay in Canada did not cause the institution of in my country to crumble It has not lead to the downfall of society the way some people who are against gay seemed to think it would In fact legalizing gay in Canada hasn’t changed anything in my life but I know it has changed the lives of thousands of LGBT people who only want the same rights that straight couples have Hopefully this ruling against DOMA is just the start for gay rights and for everyone in. My partner and I aren’t married although we could be We live in a state that legalized it and should we choose to get married the Federal government would now have to recognize us A year ago when returning home from vacation we approached the immigration officer at Dulles International Airport together like married couples are allowed to do Even after explaining ourselves I was told very rudely to get back in line until they were done with my partner It’s a thousand acts of subtle digs that will now disappear that make this decision so important It makes me feel freer and absolutely happier. It’s not the end of the struggle but it really is a fantastic first step Reply Rachelle J I’m so happy for you! I expect an invitation to your wedding 😉 Mike Buonaiuto created a viral advertismement on behalf of C4EM for release in late April 2012 with a teaser available before The teaser features stills from the advert to the speech of David Cameron at the Conservative Party conference in 2011 when he announced "I don't support gay in spite of being a Conservative I support gay because I am a Conservative."[9] Like many gay people especially of a certain age growing up gay wasn’t easy Repression self-loathing and social ostracism are all part of the fun for gay adolescents and it absolutely shaped the person I am today Even though I’ve been with my partner for 11 years there is still a part of me that’s cautious about which pronouns I use with strangers the terminology I utilize and of course how we interact in public Most of this probably isn’t necessary but it’s all part of that fear with which I. A step in the right direction that’s for sure! As a Brit and western European I can safely say that the USA regularly baffles us with discriminatory legislation on LGBT and women’s rights I can’t see gay being passed in some of the super red states within the next decade (North Dakota Arkansas I’m looking at you) but they’ll soon be few and far between. Rachel Maddow did a segment on this on her show last night about now some gay couple who was leagally married in a state where its allowed moves to Utah (the example she used as team HRC was heading there today) where their isn’t recognized so they sue If there’s one thing Kennedy’s opinion in the DOMA case yesterday was present a bit of a path towards more litigation on the matter But Matt I’m with you I too found myself tearing up as I was watching the decision being announced on TV yesterday morning I was lucky on many accounts with a very supportive family and since I was into theatre and even went to a performing arts high school a very supportive community around me Still though gay teens face immesne challenges (and Middle School for me was quite the nightmare) It just amazes me though to see how far we’ve come! Onward and upwards because the fight is far. Today the Supreme Court of the United States handed down what I consider to be a landmark ruling on gay rights In a 5-4 decision the Justices struck down part of the Defense of Act that prevented the Federal government from extending the same rights to LGBT married couples as enjoyed by heterosexual married couples This affects everyone who lives in a state where LGBT is legal and in states that will extend this right in the future That means that tax breaks pension benefits and more than 1,000 other benefits recognized under Federal Law will be extended The Court also refused to rule on a lower court ruling regarding Proposition 8 in California a decision that will allow LGBT s in California to continue While some may say that the Court did not go far enough I feel that these decisions are momentous and my first unbridled reaction was tears Tears of what exactly I can’t say but the swell of emotion was extreme. Signing of Nick Clegg[edit] Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has signed the Coalition for Equal petition and in an interview for The Independent Clegg was reported to have called it "a matter of how not whether equal becomes legal in England. Would a year-long supply of Pag cheese be an acceptable wedding gift? Reply Matt Long J Yes please!